Welcome to RAM Engineering!

We provide custom shock absorber engineering and hardware for all kinds of race cars.
Utilizing our unique engineering analysis programs, we create custom shock valving and hardware that is unique for your race car to improve handling and maximize grip.   

Shock Absorber Services:

  • Shock dynamometer service utilizing a research grade dynamometer for accurate results.
  • Factory authorized sales and service for Bilstein Motorsport, and Ohlins shocks, the most accurate and durable racing shock absorbers on the market.
  • Factory authorized sales and service for Tanner by Mittler Quarter Midget shocks, including custom valving using our modified internal components to achieve even greater results from this excellent shock.
  • Repair and custom valving of Penske, JRI, AFCO, and PRO Racing Shocks

Other Engineering services:

  • Suspension Set up and Geometry Analysis - We can perform a dynamic analysis of your chassis as it goes around the race track, and recommend improvements. This is especially effective with complex independent suspensions.
  • Track Testing - We can design an engineering test program and execute it at the track to get the most out of your equipment.